Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rovensky Park (Daily Photos 5.23.10)

Like it? 
We've been lucky to have great spring/summer weather the past few days. Nik and I and the dogs took a swing down Bellevue Avenue in Newport, R.I., ending up in Rovensky Park. We checked to see if Nik likes butter.
It's a beautiful spot. About a year ago, we ended up finding an amazing geocache here stuck in a tree. It's still there. Not where Stanley is sniffing -- somewhere else.

We talked about how one day we'll take our kids on these kind of day trips, and how it will be there, along the tony tree-shaded brick-paved walkways of Newport in the shadows of the mansions, that I will teach my children to have the same contempt for the super-rich and disgust for ostentatious wealth that I have.

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funderson said...

Its good to hear little Nik or Dan will be brought up right...

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