Friday, May 28, 2010

Johnsen (Daily Photo 5.27.10)

Like it? 

I've run twice this week in Oak Grove Cemetery, a place I rediscovered is rather an ideal place for a run. Because it's an old cemetery built when there was much more empty space to waste on corpses and rock, half of the cemetery features pleasant winding paths and rolling hills that make running outside interesting. The other half is flatter with roads at right angles, making for nice straight-shot speedwork. We've been having hotter weather lately, and the cemetery paths are mostly shaded by trees. All around are interesting monuments to hold your attention, some going back to the 1700s. Other more ostentatious wastes of good money date to Fall River's heyday in the 1800s and early-to-mid-1900s, because this is where many of the city's captains of industry tried to outdo each other in the rock department. I'm not superstitious about monuments or the people buried under them, so I like to appreciate headstones as fascinating bits of design and culture without sentimentality.

Point being, what the fuck is going on regarding Johnsen over here? It's in an area featuring mostly older, stately, classic headstones, and here's this unshaped, jagged pink rock jutting out of the ground and being kind of shiny. I didn't approach the stone to discover the specifics of who Johnsen is (I wanted to keep running), but now I'm curious. Pink is a bold choice, is all I'm saying. I'll attempt to learn more about it as I run here more often.


New England Bites said...

I walk here all the time! I'm friendly with most of the dogs that are there on a regular basis. I thought the same thing about this pink stone. WTF? There's also one with a big cube. Odd.

Dan said...

I've seen that one too. I like the one, sort of near the pink rock, that looks like a giant house.

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