Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Instant chemical weirdness (Daily Photo 5.8.10)

Like it? 
Nik reminds me that once upon a time you needed chemicals to produce strange photo shit like this. This just took messing around with the settings on my digital camera (purposely blowing it out, shaking the camera around) and then twisting a few dials & knobs in iPhoto afterward to nix the color. Click click click. Literally one-handed. Instant "chemical" weirdness. Hi ho.

I sort of miss the actual chemicals. I've got film camera equipment in boxes around the house (I've got at least two or three manual camera bodies and some lenses knocking around) and no film or chemicals to play with. And no time or money, either. It takes a lot of effort to do, and a lot of will to risk chucking out roll after roll of expensive film and paper and chemicals -- which you can't even buy very easily anymore -- trying to make strange photo shit happen only because it sort of amuses me to see what it would look like if I go like this over here with this thing and like that over there with that thing. So I'm left pushing some buttons and seeing what happens if I go like this over here pushing this thing and like that clicking those things. That's life in 2010, I guess. Hi ho.

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