Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend in Bar Harbor, Day 3 (Daily Photo 4.11.10)

Like it? 
We spent this day doing an 11-mile run-walk along the carriage roads of Acadia National Park, starting near Long Pond in Seal Harbor. The dogs were happy to go -- note how they're facing away, further on the road.

Bar Harbor has a unique tidal feature: at low tide, a sandbar opens up from downtown Bar Harbor across Frenchman Bay to Bar Island. You can walk all the way across, about a half-mile, over what's the sea floor half the day and rippling sand the other half.

People have been known to get stuck on Bar Island waiting for the tide to go back out. There are tidal charts nearby to help the stupid, but it still happens. Someone likely biked out there and realized that the rocks and shells and boulders of the sea floor are a nice place to ruin your rims, then left the bike there.

As I said earlier, nothing much is open in downtown Bar Harbor until Memorial Day.

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funderson said...

looks familiar...closed stuff and loafer locals hanging out on benches.

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