Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend in Bar Harbor, Day 2 (Daily Photo 4.10.10)

Like it? 
Duck Brook Bridge, Acadia National Park. We spent our time walking the dogs along the carriage roads, a total of 8 miles.

We got in a little running later in the walk when it started to hail. It's not easy running in a jacket, jeans, and carrying a backpack. But it can be done.

We discovered Stanley's favorite thing: running water. He became transfixed by every stream and brook -- numerous, because of all the thaw higher up in the mountains. So every time there was running water, Stanley had to race over and check it out, and stare into the water. Sometimes he drank some. Mostly he stared at it. I'm not sure why. Confession: I think Stanley isn't that bright. Lovable, but not that bright.

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