Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend in Bar Harbor, Day 1 (Daily Photo 4.9.10)

Like it? 
This was Nik's birthday. We were going to celebrate it quietly, at home -- but we've both been feeling the stress of work and life, and we got a little cash back from the government this tax year, so we decided to be spontaneous and dash off to Bar Harbor at the last minute. It's one of our favorite places to go, even when it's far off-season like now. Almost nothing in Bar Harbor opens until Memorial Day except the grocery store and one joint that sells fudge and terrible coffee. The appeal is Acadia National Park, right next door.

So we piled the dogs in the car, rented a super-cheap cottage, and drove 6 hours north.

The dogs were OK with the trip at first. It's not their favorite, but they bear with it.

Because they know they'll get to check out the sites when they get there.

I took over 200 pictures this weekend. To keep things sane, I'll keep it to three or so pictures a day.

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