Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They don't make DJs like Matt the Cat anymore

Like it? 
Sometimes I like to think I have a deep appreciation for all kinds of music. The sad truth is, I know jack-shit compared to a lot of people. I'm a fucking teenybopper.

Take this guy. The cat at left is a good friend of mine from college, Matt the Cat. You may remember him as the host of the Night Prowl show on XM's '50s on 5 channel for 7 years. The cat at right is B.B. King, blues legend. I knew Matt back when he was studying radio production and hosting college radio. We hung out and he lived near me for a few years, and we used to talk rock, soul, R&B, and jazz. The dude was already fully formed as a DJ with a tremendous personality, the kind of disc jockey you never hear anymore. His collection of vinyl records was a Smithsonian of classics, obscure and forgotten groove shit and rock from before it was rock, played on a pristine turntable. He'd already forgotten more about music than I've ever known. He's one talented bastard.  

He's not at XM anymore since the merger with Sirius, to the dismay of all his fans -- look up Matt the Cat online and all you see are people begging XM to bring him back. Matt's been doing a great podcast (Friday Night Cat Fight) and now is shopping around a new radio show, The Juke in the Back, with Matt spinning fantastic old tunes you may never have heard before.

If you like great music, download The Juke in the Back here (it's an hour long, perfect for a commute or a run) and give it a listen. Then tell me (or better yet, tell Matt the Cat) what you think.

[Download The Juke in the Back]

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Andrew Whitacre said...

I hope he ends up doing more awesome. I've been an XM subscriber since the day they launched (and even wrote my undergraduate thesis on how it would save radio following the '96 Telecom Act), but the programming has been markedly mediocre since the merger with Sirius.

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