Friday, April 16, 2010

A mug full of sea monkeys (Daily Photo 4.16.10)

Like it? 
Nik & I have been whipping up tea concoctions in the Perfect Tea Maker. It's this device in which you dump loose-leaf tea, add hot water, steep, & pour without getting a mouthful of leaves and buds. This is a mixture of jasmine dragon phoenix pearl and lime teas. The pearl tea comes in hard BB-like pellets that look very similar to rabbit turds.

But when you add the boiling water, the pearls start to expand. They unfurl in the water at first thick and furry, like hairy spiders stretching their legs, then unroll into leafy fingers of seaweed. It's like a miniature ocean-floor diorama you can drink.

It's mesmerizing to watch. Nik: "It reminds me of when I had sea monkeys."


Jumile said...

Ahh, you've discovered jasmine pearl tea. My favourite! :)

Dan said...

It's delicious, and fun as hell watching the pearls unravel. So glad we found it.

Dan said...
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Justin said...

This almost makes me want to take up tea drinking or at least tea brewing.

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