Monday, April 19, 2010

Near Mallard Point (Daily Photo 4.18.10)

Like it? 
Attempted an 11-mile run. By way of inspiring my lazy fucking ass to do it, I gave myself a location goal: run to Mallard Point in Somerset, take the daily photo, and run back.

I got there -- just up the street, to be fair. I didn't actually venture onto the point itself, which is a peninsula of thin woods framing a walking path, because it was running late and I was using up precious minutes of sunlight 5.5 miles away from home when I was struggling to run. So I found this spot near Mallard Point to take my daily photo, just as the sun went down behind me. It's untouched. That's what Freetown looked like across the Taunton River: two-dimensional and yellow.

I didn't finish the 11-miler. I called Nik and got a ride home 7.6 miles in. Shit happens.

I didn't actually have to shit. That was just a figure of speech meaning sometimes it's not good.

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