Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Photo 3.9.10 (plus a freaky-looking worm)

Like it? 
This may be my last week for night-time runs until the fall. Daylight-saving time starts on Sunday. I don't generally get as bunch-panty'd as some do about DST, although I agree yes fine OK it's a mostly useless exercise. Whatever the logic, purpose, methodology, tradition, and result of DST, one thing will be nice: most nights when I run, I'll be able to see where I'm going for a change. I find that vision is often a useful tool when trying to see things.

No, that is not my house.

There are two downsides I can see to not having night-time runs. One: the weather will become very warm in the afternoons, and I'll start bitching about running the heat and considering changing my schedule so I'll run in the early mornings before the sun comes up. So I'll be back where I started, in the dark again, complaining about that. Two: if it's brighter out, I won't be able to take as many of the organic-shaped neon-string photos like above. I'm getting to enjoy those.

I added more of them to my Flickr page, where I keep the photos I like best. There are several more there that I haven't featured here. Check them out if you have nothing else to do.

I honestly don't know what the fuck this is, but I found it in the dark.

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