Saturday, March 06, 2010

Daily Photo 3.5.10

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Visited Gramma with Nik. We spent a few minutes trying to explain health insurance reform to her, why it's not socialism, why it's not the same as Canadian health care, and why it's basically very similar to what we already have in Massachusetts. But it soon became clear we were all rather uninterested anyway, so we moved on to other topics instead.

She told us how ages ago, when she was a kid, there were so many more orphans than she imagines there are now -- this was before welfare, when parents who couldn't afford to keep their children gave them up to orphanages. She recalled at least two of them in the city, both named after saints. Gramma said there were all these kids around with parents, yet they were still orphans. You'd see them in school, she said, and be unsure if they had parents or if they lived at the orphanage, or if both were true. As a girl she used to climb under her fence, pick her way across a set of railroad tracks, and visit this pond near her house in the neighborhood of Steep Brook where all the kids at this one orphanage used to go swimming -- a whole pond full of orphans.

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On Orphan Pond

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