Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daily Photo 3.25.10 (plus a snack)

Like it? 
You know when I said I wanted lime tea? The craving hasn't gone away. Not for my wife, either.

We made the mistake last week of stopping by the Fancy Ass Tea Store in Providence to sample some good tea (it was free, leave me alone). Since then, we've been spoiled. Bigelow and even Twinings doesn't do it anymore in terms of flavor. Fuck our lives! So we stopped out today and bought some new teas to try out.

Also, we've been microwaving our tea water. Go ahead, heap on the verbal abuse. We bought a tea kettle now, so we can heat up our tea water the way civilized people are supposed to. I'm thinking of having the tea with crumpets. Seriously. I have the crumpets and everything.


funderson said...

so I want a tea review...which is best?
yours in tea loving,

Dan said...

I'm going to have an extensive taste test tonight, I think. Will definitely let you know!

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