Thursday, March 18, 2010

Daily Photo 3.17.10 (plus a birthday)

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My Myrna girl, the smartest border collie/lab mix the world has ever known, turned 5 on St. Patrick's Day.

We got her as a puppy from Labs 4 Rescue. She came to my wife and I in a van with dozens of other puppies transported from Missouri. Myrna had shit caked to her rear haunches because she'd had an accident in her crate en route from Missouri to Connecticut, where we picked her up at a park-and-ride. She was anxious but immediately recognized us as her new parents, rolling over on her back and standing on our feet while we stood there filling out paperwork. She had brothers and sisters on the same van, being adopted by other families. I swear she watched a brother go off happily with another couple, but he never looked back at her.

We wondered for a while if she'd get any bigger, like the size of a regular lab. She hasn't. She gets her size from her border collie genes, and is muscular but with a little chub here and there. She is incredibly sneaky about wheedling food from us.

She doesn't have paws -- they're hands. She uses her dewclaws like thumbs and is incredibly dextrous. To empty out her Kong toys, she rolls onto her back and holds the open end between her hands above her snout, so all the food falls right out into her mouth. Takes her about 30 seconds.

We celebrated her birthday with a trip to Petco, where she got a new squeaky ball and a new bone. Stanley also got a bone, and tried to convince us that we needed a parakeet. Maybe for his birthday.

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Melissa H said...

Happy birthday, Myrna! I just love your pups! Don't ever stop blogging about them. :-)

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