Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daily Photo 3.12.10

Like it? 
We had new carpeting installed in one of our spare rooms. The room had been wallpapered in peeling, scallop-shape-textured, old-fashioned crap, and carpeted in a thick white berber that had been stained yellow. This is one of the rooms that we'll use for kids, once they come along -- we'd rather they not have to sleep in that mess. So we hoarded some Lowe's gift cards, tore the wallpaper off, refinished and painted the walls a greenish gray, pulled the carpet out, and had a couple of guys install fresh new carpet. It's got that new-carpet bounce. Nik immediately loved walking on it.

I had other ideas.

Below, this is a short video showing the first thing the dogs did on the carpet.

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RandomChick said...

your babies are so pretty! love the old skool batman treatment =)

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