Friday, March 26, 2010

Daily Photo 3.26.10

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Tried the Numi dry desert lime tea & now I have a new favorite beverage. If it was caffeinated, my mornings would be different from now on. I get the impression that it would be fantastic with a little vodka to cool it off, making a nice hot tea vodka sour. But it's fine as is, packed with flavor. It tastes pretty much like biting into a hot lime: very tart, very dry, a bit sour. It slaps you in the face with limeyness. The slap turns into a love-tap once you wring a second cup out of the tea bag. I'm going for a third. This stuff isn't Tetley price -- I'm shooting for four steeps per bag here. I may just be on hot water and wishes by then.

Incidentally, Nik tried her teas. The Allegro tea, a ginger and mint, is "not too bad," but it's not as flavorful as she was hoping. The other one is a green tea with red orange, and it left her decidedly unimpressed. Her journey to find a kick-ass cup of tea continues.

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funderson said...

Thanks for the review. I was asking my friend over breakfast if she'd had lime tea and she hasn't had any either. We are now on a quest to find some...

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