Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daily Photo 2.26.10 (plus some bonuses)

Like it? 
Another night-time run, this one in wet weather with a little snowfall.

Nice thing about running at night -- stargazing.

You also find the best lunch specials when you go for a night-time run. Can't really go in there and get some chicken while you're running, but, you know -- future reference.


funderson said...

MR. CHICKEN!?!?!? Awesome...

bigsam27 said...

how is the chicken?

Dan said...

I've never gone in there for the chicken ... yet. :)

bigsam27 said...

went there today around noon. Ya know, for a place called Mr. Chicken you'd think that there would be chicken galore. I'm thinking poultry done a dozen ways: fried, baked, broiled, roasted, rotisserie, etc... but, ummmm... no. Just flattened Portuguese-style BBQ chicken. And a whole bunch of Portuguese ready-to-go food - mainly seafood. don't get me wrong - i know it is a Friday during Lent, but still ... :(

but then again, this guy gave it five stars:

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