Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily Photo 2.22.10 (plus bonuses)

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Had a tweetup -- screw that. That word's too cutesy. I met up with some friends at the Kinsale Inn in Mattapoisett for drinks and burgers. From left: Nik, John from the Poi (maker of the fine Run New England video podcast), Jonathan from Go Motion Gear (maker of fine night-time running illumination), and Chris Russell from the Run Run Live podcast (maker of the fine Run Run Live podcast). It was my first time meeting Jonathan and first time meeting Chris in person.

Had a great time. Terrific beer, great burgers, fantastic company. And the Kinsale Inn is someplace I definitely have to make a regular spot. Particularly since burgers are $5 on Mondays. Above, Nik and John chat with Chris, below.

Chris took some video with a neat little Flip HD:


John from the Poi said...

It was a GREAT time! So good to see you and Nik. I look like a goofball! Anytime, let's do it again!
John from the Poi

Chris Russell said...

It was funny when Dan got drunk and started dancing on the table naked...And that thing he did ith the live monkey...priceless...

iconsports said...
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JC said...

That was fun - great meeting you guys and thanks for the link! Next time we should all do a run together, then eat.

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