Monday, January 04, 2010

Daily Photo: 1.4.10

Like it? 
Intrigued by a project that @bowerm, @maddyhubba, and @atrusni are doing, I thought I'd take and post a photo every day of 2010. I already screwed the pooch regarding the first 3 days of January, so let's hope I have the discipline to maintain this for the other 362 days.

Why do this? Why not? What the hell else do I have a camera for, if not for taking pictures and sharing them? That said, enjoy today's picture:

I found Leah this morning on a windowsill by the Christmas tree, which by the way is coming down today.


Maddy said...

She is so cute. It looks like she is hiding (and maybe on her way to no good?)

Thanks for sharing!

Michael B said...

what a sweetheart.

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