Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daily Photo 1.31.10 (plus some bonuses)

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Went for a 7-mile long run with Nik and the dogs this morning and afternoon. Our usual 7-mile route takes us past the Rolling Rock, this massive fuck-you boulder sitting in the middle of County Street where it meets Eastern Avenue. It's perched on a platform of rock, almost tilting all the way off the platform and into traffic, but if you peek underneath the boulder you'll see a pole where the Rolling Rock has apparently been fitted into place with a metal pipe so it doesn't roll off and crush any cars or young children. For decades I've driven, walked, and run past the Rolling Rock, but never bothered to actually go up to it and touch it until today.

A plaque on the platform tells the story. You have to love its lack of specificity. "Ages ago"?

While stopped taking pictures of the rock, Nik noticed I had clumps of ice caught in my hair, from where my sweat froze. It was under 30 degrees while we were running. Note also the nice thicket of gray hair in my beard.

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Christine said...

"Fuck-you boulder"...describes it PERFECTLY.

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