Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daily Photo 1.31.10 (plus some bonuses)

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Went for a 7-mile long run with Nik and the dogs this morning and afternoon. Our usual 7-mile route takes us past the Rolling Rock, this massive fuck-you boulder sitting in the middle of County Street where it meets Eastern Avenue. It's perched on a platform of rock, almost tilting all the way off the platform and into traffic, but if you peek underneath the boulder you'll see a pole where the Rolling Rock has apparently been fitted into place with a metal pipe so it doesn't roll off and crush any cars or young children. For decades I've driven, walked, and run past the Rolling Rock, but never bothered to actually go up to it and touch it until today.

A plaque on the platform tells the story. You have to love its lack of specificity. "Ages ago"?

While stopped taking pictures of the rock, Nik noticed I had clumps of ice caught in my hair, from where my sweat froze. It was under 30 degrees while we were running. Note also the nice thicket of gray hair in my beard.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daily Photo 1.30.10

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O, Chinese food. Why must you be so tasty? Why must your grains of fried rice glisten so delectably, the sprouts mingling with the onions in a wanton jumble of salty, greasy panache? On your spare-ribs, the rose and the fat compete for my affections -- I am powerless to resist the siren song of either. And you! chicken teriyaki. Vile temptress! Flaunting the bamboo spit with impunity, begging to be divested of it! The chicken fingers, I'm not so keen on, but they come with a D11.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Daily Photo 1.29.10

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This afternoon we visited Nik's Gramma. She was mostly in a positive mood for much of the time while we were there. At one point she asked me if President Obama was good or evil. I said he was good, but she seemed unconvinced. Gramma said there were people on the radio saying stuff about him, "almost swearing." She told us about her day, about having French toast for breakfast with her home health care worker, Lois, whom she clearly loves like a daughter. Gramma is easier for both of us to reach when she's had positive experiences to share.

Later, she asked me about running (Nik and I were wearing running gear) and wondered aloud if you're supposed to lose weight doing it. "People can," I said. She looked dubiously in my direction. As we were about to leave, we said we couldn't visit Monday because we'd be out with some friends. She said, "You have friends?" "Yeah, of course," I said. "Lots of friends." She shrugged. "I didn't think you had friends," she said, and started to talk about life in the 1940s.

Daily Photo 1.28.10 (plus a bonus)

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The sad and ragged remnants of another taco night. I utterly demolished what seemed like 6 or 7. I feel no guilt. They were delicious.

Even Stanley wanted some. However, he is a German shorthaired pointer and cannot hold tacos properly, having no dewclaws.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daily Photo 1.27.10

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Taken in the bathroom.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daily Photo 1.26.10

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Myrna enjoys begging for food and attention. Not just begging, but sort of pleading. Actually it's more like groveling. She sits down at your feet, whines a bit, then faints onto her side eventually rolling over onto her back and pawing at the air with her feet, trying to get your attention to show you how pathetic she looks. It serves her well.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily Photo 1.25.10

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Went to Costco today. Obviously.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Daily Photo 1.24.10

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S'Myrna. I was able to get her to come with me on a run today -- usually she's stubborn and shies away when she knows Nik won't be coming along. But today Myrna went willingly and kept up nicely for 3 miles. She spent the rest of the afternoon recuperating.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daily Photo 1.23.10 (plus 9 other bonuses)

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Went for a beautiful 2-mile walk with Nik and the dogs through downtown. I couldn't stick to just one photo today, so here are 9 more.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Daily Photo 1.22.10

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Stanley needs to turn around 3 times before he sits down anywhere, even if it means spinning in place in very small uncomfortable places like on top of the ottoman.

Daily Photo 1.21.10

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I was careless this heating season with the oil tank and let it run to empty, or nearly empty. Word of caution: don't ever do this. The pump that draws oil from the tank started screaming with anger. Had to have my dad, our friend Jack, and finally a furnace repairman come by to look at it. I suspected (after rejecting various worst-case scenarios as probably me just being neurotic) that junk from the bottom of the tank made its way into the pump. The guy from the oil company took pieces of the pump apart, drained the fuel line, filled an empty Gatorade bottle with drained-off fuel oil. He told me, "Wucky." He had a flashlight in his mouth at the time. He meant "lucky." Then changed the filters, ran the boiler, and it started working fine, which was a pleasant change from the 45° temperatures in the house. As he was packing up, he told me about his three basset hounds, his dearly departed golden retriever and border collie (Buckwheat and Lucky respectively), and how he stores butternut squash over the winter.

It shames me that I don't know how a boiler works, or how to fix it, and that I keep having to call people to fix things. I did pay attention to everything they did, so if this ever happens in the future (to someone else, because it's not going to happen to me again) I know what to do.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daily Photo 1.20.10

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Stanley, for some reason, likes to stare at the fence. He gets right up close to it and just looks into it, and then from side to side. We're not sure why, but we suspect that either there's some plant growth on the other side that's tapping the wood, or he's dumb. The first is speculation, the second we have other evidence for.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily Photo 1.19.10 (plus a bonus)

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Stopped by my polling place today to vote in the special election. Why?

Because it was National Popcorn Day. Naturally. I voted for spray olive-oil and parmesan cheese.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Daily Photo 1.18.10

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Got my new pair of black and gray Nike Free 5.0s. I'm only using them for walking, even though they're meant for racing. Sort of like getting an espresso machine because it heats up water. But shit, it's the way it's heated up. Anyway, these things are comfortable.

Daily Photo 1.17.10

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A little self-portrait.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daily Photo 1.16.10

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Nik has been sick for well over a month now with bronchitis, and it's put the kibosh on her running. She hasn't been able to breathe the cold air without hacking doubled-over. Today, though, she went with me for a run and we tried a simple 3-miler.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Photo 1.15.10

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Expect a lot of Stanley photos this year. He's very photogenic.

Not today, but usually.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daily Photo 1.14.10

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They're still not ripe, but I cut one open anyway.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daily Photo 1.13.10

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Overheard Assholes: "Level"

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"Forget it. I'm talking on a different level than you."

-- one person to another,
also waving his hand dismissively

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daily Photo 1.12.10

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It's something like 20°F out there, and I went outside for a run. Sheets of ice still covering the sidewalks. The first fleece jacket I wore wasn't warm enough, so I had to come back home and put another one on, a thicker one, and for good measure I slipped on a third T-shirt under it. An icy wind made it difficult to breathe, which meant I had to run slower, which meant I was out in the cold longer than I wanted to be. My tech-fabric gloves are in the wash, so I had to pull my sleeves down over my hands to keep them warm. Some of the arctic wind still found its way past my knuckles and up my arms.

Meanwhile, this is what's going on at home. That's a down-filled blanket from Restoration Hardware, by the way. Little shit.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Daily Photo 1.11.10 (plus a quiz)

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This is like Highlights for Children. Can you tell what this is?

Nik bought slices of dried kiwi from Daou Market. They're like delicious pieces of stained glass, except they don't kill you on the way down.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daily Photo 1.10.10 (plus a bonus)

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Nik spotted a female cardinal on the bird feeder. A male also dropped by, but not long enough to sit still for a photo.

Took a panorama of the BCC pond while I ran around it during my 5-miler today. The path around the pond is barely passable due to heavy snow and ice. Click on the image for the full effect.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Daily Photo 1.9.10

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Made some guacamole for the first time. Had ambitious plans for it, because Nik bought several avocados. After finding that most of the avocados were still unripe, I switched tactics. Took the half of an already cut-open one and mashed it up, added some spices. Ended up with enough to put on a medium-sized nacho chip. It was a good chip, though.

Daily Photo: 1.8.10 (plus a bonus)

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Went into Cambridge late last night to hear professor Richard Wiseman (author of 59 Seconds, Quirkology, The Luck Factor, et al.) give a lecture at the Brattle Theatre hosted by the Boston Skeptics. Beforehand, we had a couple of drinks at Casablanca, right below the theater, where Nik was seen muddling a ginger mojito.

Bonus daily photo: Wiseman, just after he made a red handkerchief vanish. He spoke about psychology, science-based self-improvement techniques, skepticism, magic tricks, German humor, and the amazing color-changing card trick:

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Daily Photo 1.7.10

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Long day at the office, and had to put in some work at home. Before I knew it, I was too tired to walk the dogs.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Daily Photo: 1.6.10

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Chloe the cat on the kitchen counter. I wiped it down after she rolled on it.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Daily Photo: 1.5.10

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Went for a run tonight, my usual 3-mile route around the cemetery. Yes, at night, because I like to say howdy to the ghouls who inhabit the burial grounds. Stopped at the main gate and tried to snap off a photo, but as it was quite dark I ended up with several blurry crap shots. Took the color off this one because the in-camera color ended up a sort of baby-shit orange.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Daily Photo: 1.4.10

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Intrigued by a project that @bowerm, @maddyhubba, and @atrusni are doing, I thought I'd take and post a photo every day of 2010. I already screwed the pooch regarding the first 3 days of January, so let's hope I have the discipline to maintain this for the other 362 days.

Why do this? Why not? What the hell else do I have a camera for, if not for taking pictures and sharing them? That said, enjoy today's picture:

I found Leah this morning on a windowsill by the Christmas tree, which by the way is coming down today.
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