Saturday, February 14, 2009

Overheard Assholes: "Push"

Like it? 
"What are you pushing me forward for? Go back!"

-- sullen-looking mom in a wheelchair
at Target, to the pre-teen boy helping her
and filling her cart with heavy groceries
(all she had was a broken foot
and it was one of those wheelchairs you can operate yourself)


New England Bites said...

LMAO ... oh man. What a world we live in.

Two things, unrelated to the "crippled" woman at Target:

1) What do you think of The Office this season?

2) WTF is up with that woman who eats from NBB every day? How about a little variety? Geez. I mean, I like the sandwiches and all, but I'd never have them fax me a list of the next day's specials.

3) It's not Paula Kerr, is it?

New England Bites said...

... and yes, I realize that I typed three things. I thought of the third thing at the last second.

EWWWW ... and your word verification is "sprerm." Too close to another word, if you ask me.

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