Saturday, December 13, 2008

Followup: The beer undrunk (Part 2)

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Since the last time I tried to make a pumpkin-flavored beer at home, I've mostly been sticking to pumpkin-flavored coffee. What I do is, I buy pumpkin-pie-spice-flavored ground coffee at Target. Then, when I put the grounds in the filter, I add several shakes of actual pumpkin pie spice. Yes. The pre-flavored stuff is very good but not flavorsome enough. I'm like a smack addict who needs greater and greater hits until he's eventually walking around with an IV drip on a wheelie-rack. Except substitute the word "pumpkin" for "smack," and where it says "IV drip on a wheelie-rack," put the word "pie."

Anyway, I did get many wonderful suggestions on how to make my own pumpkin beer without making an ass of myself, many of those suggestions coming from the comments section of my previous post. Eric, in particular, made the ultimate sacrifice of drinking a flavored beer for me. Well done, sir. He gave me some ideas on where and how to get pumpkin-flavored syrup (Monin makes a good one apparently) that I could add to any beer of my choosing. Or, indeed, could drink straight from the bottle, splash onto my chicken salad sandwich, or rig up some sort of IV drip on a wheelie-rack.

But I haven't gotten it yet. Mostly because it's the Christmas season and I don't like to buy things for myself that maybe other people might get me. Not that I expect to get a bottle of this stuff -- I think my wife has pretty much had enough of my yammering on about pumpkin this and pumpkin that and doesn't want to enable another bad habit. But you never know.

Anyway, I did treat myself to a pumpkin-flavored beer the other day, one that was actually made by a brewer and bottled professionally. Sea Dog Pumpkin Ale, it was. To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn't particularly impressed. It tasted more like pumpkin pie than some other beers I've had (I'm waving my naked ass in your direction, Blue Moon), but wasn't exceptionally pumpkinish. It didn't even taste like a great beer -- sort of bland, fizzy, with not much strength except a tiny bit of bitterness afterward. Tasted like I'd had a piece of pie sometime earlier, and some chunk of crust was still tucked behind my wisdom teeth, so I washed it down with a Rolling Rock. Which I wouldn't. I would brush it out.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I've cursed myself. Have I built it up too much? Maybe I won't ever have that Great Pumpkin Beer feeling again. Ever. The same way I won't ever eat anything as magically, heartbreakingly delicious as the dinner I had in Rome at Il Quadrofoglio in June 2001 with the lamb and the limone liqueur. Perhaps the beer undrunk is the beer most savored. Maybe I should never drink a pumpkin beer again, to preserve forever the memory of the great Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale I had when I wa--

Who am I kidding? I'm buying five cases next September. Less than a year to go. Man, sometimes I say the stupidest shit.

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Nicole said...

I laughed out loud at "...yammering on about pumpkin this and pumpkin that...". Thank you.

sundaysessionsinthepark said...

Dan, I have the same problem in October with Sam's October fest. I'm now just recovering from my annual case of depression thanks to my good friend winter lager.

Jim Koch should make a run at Hillary's senate seat.

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