Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stupid shit that happens: Coming soon

Like it? 

You know what? I should write here more often about stupid shit that happens. I only post stuff on here once in a while, and I feel neglectful, like I have this nice website and everything, infinite amount of space, and I'm not filling it with all the sheer tonnage of stupid shit that happens. So starting today, I'm going to try to write a little something at least every couple of days, to record some stupid shit that happens.

It may not be pretty. Stupid shit rarely is. But where else can stupid shit go, if not here? In my job as a news editor, I come across appalling amounts of stupid shit every single day, and I can't do a thing with it. Time was, the newspaper was big enough for me to sow it around willy-nilly. Not anymore. I just see scads of stupid shit all day with no way to evacuate it. I don't have a sewage system for stupid shit -- I don't have a way to flush it out of my life and have it vanish into the ocean to become fishfood. Instead, stupid shit just falls out everywhere as it happens. And I just leave it there, piles of stupid shit all over the floor that I slip around in and accidentally track onto the carpet until there's pretty much just stupid shit wherever I look, stinking up the place, when I should be sharing it with you.

So here's some stupid shit I came across today that you may enjoy! Look forward to more in the future!

German snuff-sniffing competition goes wrong when people end up with Hitler mustaches

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lybbe said...

This is hilarious to me because my brother once brought snuff to our Christmas gathering and we were all in hysterics. Never did get any up my nose but lots on my face. Those were the days when everybody smoked, so a little snuff wasn't going to be a problem.

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