Saturday, July 14, 2007

Whoa, Canada — Extra: PEI pictures

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Featured here are some photos I took during my trip to Prince Edward Island. All were taken with my Nikon FM-10 manual camera (except the last one, which was taken with my MacBook's iSight).

1. My bike and helmet on the Confederation Trail. I had been hoping to get my helmet more in focus here, because it has a badass cartoon skull on the front.

2. My wife's bike lying on the ground on the Confederation Trail, I think when she stopped to pee in the woods.

3. A car, obviously. Don't really remember exactly where. Sorry I can't be more specific. A lot of that place looks alike.

4. A landscape in Hunter River with a church and farmhouse.

5. My beautiful wife, outside some bullshit lighthouse. Seriously, I've seen much better.

6. Yes. Lupins. They grow all over the place, from Maine north, in vast purple carpets by the highway.

7. My beautiful wife near her bike, just outside Hunter River. A few minutes later, we would discover her rear tire tube was busted. You may not be able to see it here, but if you could get really close, you could see her tire's already a little flat.

8. Driving west on Trans-Canada Highway 1, away from Charlottetown.

9. Who likes potatoes? That goddam thing's probably full of them.

10. A moody-looking valley somewhere off the Confederation Trail. Some of these pictures, I should add, were taken with 64-speed tungsten color reversal, which if you use it outdoors, without tungsten studio lights, turns everything cyan. I used it outdoors like a moron. It was corrected in Photoshop, but it left it looking dark, even though this was around noon. Helpful tip: Know your film. What? You don't use film anymore? Never mind, then.

Bonus: This is me, back in the USA, on my porch, smoking a Cuban cigar that had somehow gotten into my luggage and past customs. Can't quite figure how it got there.

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