Friday, May 11, 2007

Followup: You killed the ketchup goose

Like it? 
I think I was quite clear in my instructions a few days ago, in re: the ketchup chips at Shaw's (see below). I just wanted a few people to buy some bags every so often, just to keep them in supply.

A few of you! And I didn't think you'd actually do it!

The ketchup chips are now gone
, you son of a bitches! Gone!


O Jesus. This is not happening. This is not happening...

Why is this happening?

Couldn't you keep your filthy mitts off my freaking chips for once? Am I the only person with a little thing called restraint around here?

I bought a measly four bags of ketchup chips, right? And then I bought a couple of armloads more. Big deal -- I thought they had plenty. And then I went back the next day to buy eight more bags, and there weren't any. All that was left was about a thousand bags of Herr's Ragin' Ranch -- apparently nobody wants those -- and Herr's Baby Back Ribs flavor chips.

Baby back ribs! That's not even close!

Thanks a lot!

Only one thing is keeping me from going completely mental right now.


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