Sunday, January 28, 2007

Followup: Those cheeky British

Like it? 
The nice thing about living in postmodern America is the people you meet. I see from my Web statistics that someone from Basildon, England, has stumbled across this Web site. That never would have happened in regular old modern times.

How did I end up on a computer screen half a world away?

I came up in a Google search. The query: "defecate for revenge."

Gor blimey! Who am I supposed to be embarrassed for here?

Besides taking a steaming dump on people's stuff, here are other things people in Basildon, England, often do for fun, courtesy of Wikipedia:

• Go to the Festival Leisure Park ("located in the north of Basildon. ... affectionately known locally as Bas Vegas.")

• Eat at T.G.I. Friday's/Chili's/Pizza Hut

• Ride the bus to various places ("Buses provide a local form of public transport and also connect Basildon to nearby towns that are difficult to reach by rail, for example Billericay and Chelmsford")

• And lots and lots of other things not immediately apparent!

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